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TF Hat Designs Hat Braids & Accessories

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TF Design Hat Braids & Accessories Kits 
Hats Sold Separately

Wrap the hat braid around the crown of the hat, tie the ends and leave tucked or untucked. Add feathers and other accessories to make it your own!

Hat Kit A 
Chevron Multi Color Hat Braid , Plume Feather Add on, Peacock Feather,  
Add on card - They Whispered to Her, "You Cannot Withstand The Store" She whispered back, " I am the Storm"
Hat Kit B 
Add On Card 
Add on Feathers

Hat Kit C 
Black and White Hat Braid, Feather Hat Pin,
Playing card w/turq beads, Add on card 

Hat Kit D 
Animal Print Hat Braid, Playing Card with Beads,
Add on Plume Feather

 Hat Kit E
Navy Chiffon Fringe Ribbon, Add On Card, Festival Add On Card
Feather Hat Pin

Hat Kit F 
Red, White, & Blue Hat Braid, Distressed Playing Card, 2 Add On Cards 

Hat Kit G
Red Bandana Hat Braid, Distressed Playing Card, 
Plume Feather Add on,
Add On Card

Hat Kit H 
Sugar Skull Fat Braid, 2 Peacock Feathers, Feather Hat Pin 

Hat Kit I
Earth Tone Hat Braid, Plum Feather Add On
Hat Kit J
Vintage Eyelet Lace Ribbon, Add on card, Tuck in Feather

Each Hat Kit Is Hand Crafted - Actual Product May Vary From Photos

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