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Reusable Straw Covers

Regular price $3.00
Reusable Straw Covers/Toppers have arrived at Talented Friends Boutique!
Aren't these cute!!?!?!
$3.00 each or complimentary with purchase of an Amber Tumbler
These cute straw covers/toppers can be directly fixed on the straw, the plug will hang on the straw, not easy to fall off.
Practical and simple, anti dust and splash proof, ideal for indoor or outdoor activity.
Durable, reusable, non slip and easy to fix on the straw.
You can put the straw cover/topper in boiling water to wash after use, and then dry, store and reuse next time.
✦Purchase one of our Amber tumblers and receive a complimentary Straw Cover/Topper!
✦ If you have purchased an Amber tumbler from Talented Friends Boutique, stop by and choose your complimentary straw cover /topper.